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Welcome to the home of Aptare Consulting, Specialist Facilities Management (FM) and Improvement Consultants. We provide independent support and advice to Public and Private organisations helping them to "Adapt to be Better".

Aptare Consulting was founded in 2014 to provide public and private organisations with dependable, trustworthy, and value orientated Facilities Management (FM) consultancy services. Based in Manchester, England, but operating nationally and globally, we support our clients to adapt to be better, in the administration and delivery of Property, Building, Estate, and Facility management and maintenance.

As independent Facilities Management (FM) consultants, our team works with local authorities and national government departments as well as private corporations and business. Thus, we provide expert guidance on the various contractual arrangement that exist between them. For instance, we excel in the complex nature of PPP and PFI contracts used in the healthcare and education sectors (inc BSF/PSBP). Furthermore, working with private and public entities allowing us to best understand the pressures applied to both, externally and internally. In addition, the team’s years of experience supporting Facilities Management (FM) contractors and contract managers provides critical perspective. Perspective that is invaluable when established or improving outsourced contracts.


Service Sectors

Our team has experience working across a range of sectors. This becomes especially relevant for cross sector learning, where certain sectors excel in areas where others do not. For instance, data collection and reporting within automation management can help evolve and improve M&E maintenance. Cross sector pollination is an example of added value that our team provides clients daily. Following below we detail some of the sectors our team has experience work within:






Transport and Infrastructure



Facilities Management Consulting

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Lifecycle Modelling Services

Aptare Consulting are experts in lifecycle modelling; calculating and projecting the total…
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Performance Monitoring and Auditing

As a contractor or a contract manager, performance monitoring and reporting is…
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Asset Condition Surveying

Asset Condition Surveying provides up-to-date information on building components to allow for…
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Business Improvement Services

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MS Excel VBA Development

MS Excel is one of the world’s most widely used software solutions…
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MS Excel Model Verification

  At Aptare we understand how easy small equation and calculation errors…
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Reporting Process Optimisation

Say R.I.P to the old way. Our Reporting Improvement Process identifies inefficient…
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Grade II Listed Building Binswood Hall

125-year Life Cycle of Grade II Listed Building – Binswood Hall

The Binswood Village development represented an interesting challenge for Aptare Consulting and Opex Consulting. The client, Audley, required a 125-year life cycle cost check model of 7 retained, refurbished, and new buildings. However, the most noteworthy challenge orientated around the […]

Interactive Process Mapping for St Bart's Hospital Trust

Interactive Process Mapping for St Bart’s Hospital Trust

Aptare Consulting in close co-operation with Opex Consulting have provided St Bart’s and Royal London Hospital Trust and Capital Hospitals with Interactive Process Mapping and Optimisation support. Aptare Consulting converted various contractual requirements from the Project Agreement to produce a compliant […]

PFI Lifecycle surplus check

PFI Lifecycle Surplus – Early Access to £8.8 mil

Aptare Consulting working with Opex Consulting have successfully helped a client organisation (Large FM Provider) acquire early access to PFI lifecycle surplus funds worth £8.8 million over the remaining contract term. However, similar processes have been run where a fund […]

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